‘Dance Like a Wave of the Sea’ WB Yeats in Shanghai

A Yeats2015 exhibition commenced On the Metro in Shanghai, running from 31 October-18 December organised by the Consul General in partnership with the Shanghai Metro and the Shanghai People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.

Entitled “Dance Like a Wave of the Sea / 舞 动 波 涛” – a line from The Fiddler at Dooney – it features quotes in Chinese and English from six of Yeats’s best known poems in China, along with information on his life and work.

The train with the Yeats displays carries 10,000 passengers per day and the two metro stations involved see 75,000 passengers each day. (The Shanghai metro carries 8m passengers overall per day). The exhibition runs for 50 days, so direct exposure will be in the hundreds of thousands.